I specialize in WEB-PHOTOGRAPHY; so my images (and websites) open quickly and properly

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- These are some examples of my Photography & Photoshop work -


Hollywood Historical Society
Marion was not in the original photo. I took a separate photo of Marion and Photoshopped her in.


Climatrol, glass dooors
Photography/Photoshop used to showcase glass doors for client's website, Climatrol Quality Aluminum


Terri Levi


Photo Restoration
Photo Restoration for Client: I kept the photo looking original while fixing creases, stains, etc.


House proposal
I photoshopped in a second driveway, and submitted these photos with a permit application. The driveway on the right has since been built, and looks amazingly like the imagined photoshopped image.


East Martello Fort, Key West
Heather becomes a statue via Photoshop; East Martello Fort, Key West


Note: All photos on this page were optimized. The originals are higher quality than shown here.